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Professional development portal of the Quebec CPA Order (EMPLOYEES)

Looking for training activities, tools, or professional development resources?

Whether you are a chartered professional accountant or not, develop your skills through our training activities, which are designed for professionals by professionals. The Order offers high-quality training activities delivered by inspiring instructors with state-of-the-art knowledge.

Our professional resources and tools are developed by renowned experts and continuously updated to keep you on the cutting edge of a constantly changing world.

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Training activities offered in partnership

On statutory holidays and during the holiday season, processing registrations for training activities offered in partnership may take longer.


Virtual classe or webinar 

Training activity available live through the Web, where participants have the opportunity to intervene and ask the instructor questions


Prerecorded training activity

Online training activity that can be viewed at any time from the date when it becomes available to the date when it ends

See the fee schedule for prerecorded training activities offered by the Order >

Formation en salle

In-class training activity

In-person training activity where you can interact with the instructor and participants

Formation interactive en ligne

Online interactive training activity

Training activity in which theory is taught interactively using a combination of learning tools such as exercises, questionnaires, readings and videos



Reference guide, model file, implementation model, guide, model financial statements, summary or program

Colloques, Grands Rendez-vous CPA et événements

Symposium, Grand Rendez-vous CPA or event

Activity that includes conferences and training activities focused on new practices and major trends in the profession while promoting discussion, sharing of expertise and networking.